Aurnhammer Chainette 164
Chainette from a sample book of the firm Gebr. Aurnhammer, Treuchtlingen/Weißenburg; ca. 1900;
Posamentenmuseum, Treuchtlingen, Germany
Sao Roque
Chainettes on the maniple of the green quotidian vestment, made in about 1745 in Rome for the Chapel of St. John
the Baptist in the church of São Roque, Lisbon, Portugal; Museu São Roque
Aurich 1690
Chainettes on the hem of the dress of Princess Eberhardine Sophie of Ostfriesland, before 1700, Historisches Museum Aurich, Germany
Haubenspitze, Jever um 1800
Chainette for a lady's cap, made in Zerbst ca. 1800; pieces
of lace in the right shape to fit on a cap were sold on the market in Braunschweig (Brunswick) and then used by
local cap-makers in Ostfriesland. Schlossmuseum Jever, Germany
Silver chainette stomacher, England, ca. 1740; V&A Museum, London
Tesouro da Sé
Chainettes on a chasuble, 17. Jh, Tesouro da Sé, Sé Patriarcal, Lisbon, Portugal
Edelstetten 1774
Chainette on the catacomb saint Generosus in the parish church St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist, Edelstetten, Germany; 1774

Schussenried 1724
Chainette on the catacomb saint Valentin in the parish church of St. Magnus, Bad Schussenried, Germany, 1726
Romanelli Marone S. 103
Chainette in the book Le Trine a Fuselli in Italia by Giacinta Romanelli-Marone, Milan 1902, p. 103, Fig. 36; Giacinta Romanelli-Marone dates this lace 1557.

My project:
I study the paths of the threads in enlarged photographs of the lace on the computer screen; when they are clear, I reconstruct the lace. I am always searching for old chainettes, especially for examples from before 1700. If you know of such an example, please tell me.